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What we offer?

Ubertesters offers crowd testing, a service to allow digital testing to be done by a large group of global, professional QA experts, or beta testers (user feedback) that conduct the testing under real-life conditions with real devices. Crowd testing allows more people in different geographies to participate in the testing process, with significantly lower cost to the organization, and in a much shorter lead-time. Our crowd of testers are all experienced and certified QA experts or involved beta testers that are rewarded per testing hour. The Ubertesters solution ensures an accurate, fast and cost effective testing process that results in high quality, flawless, digital products.

Who is a PrimeTester as part of the Ubertester community?

An Ubertester Primetester is either a professional experienced tester who has passed the Ubertesters certification process, or a beta tester with no previous experience that can join to conduct user experience testing. Testers can take part in different testing projects with us. We use a crowd testing method where the digital product testing is done by a large group of global, manual software testers that conduct the testing under real-life conditions with real devices/browsers. Our crowd testing service allows PrimeTesters from different geographies to participate in the testing process and earn money by just having a mobile device or a computer at hand.

Who is eligible to participate?
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must be able to speak and write fluently in English.
  • Must own a mobile device, a PC or Mac, or any devices required for a specific test.
  • Must sign the “Ubertesters tester’s agreement” as part of the online onboarding process.
What do I need to do to become a PrimeTester as part of the Ubertesters community?

To start working as a PrimeTester, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Register as a tester on the ‘Become a tester’ page;
  • Install the Ubertesters app on your device as shown in the guide
  • Wait for the email from the community managers with all the details of the certification and testing process. It could take up to 5 working days;
  • If you are a professional QA – you must pass the theoretical test and practical task to get the certification; If you wish to join as a beta tester to conduct user feedback testing – no need for the theoretical test and practical task.
  • Sign the “Testers Agreement”;
  • Wait patiently and get your first project to test.
What happens if I fail the theoretical test and/or the practical task?

No worries. Even if you did not pass the exams on your way to becoming a “QA tester” you can still earn money as a “Beta Tester”. If you decided not to take the QA exams, or if you took the exams and failed, you will automatically become a “Beta Tester” and still have an opportunity to beta test many exciting digital products on your spare time and earn money.

How are new testers selected for projects?

Ubertesters has clear requirements according to which we select testers. Further, the project invitations depend on the client’s requirements for each test project (testers’ location, language, required device, operating system, tester’s experience, payment methods, and more). Thus, the more information you provide in your profile, the more likely you are to receive a project.
In addition, there are thousands of newly registered testers that are waiting for their first project and unfortunately, we can’t accommodate all.
We appreciate your patience while you are waiting for the first invitation to a project and we hope that eventually you will get invited to take part in exciting test projects.

How are existing testers selected for projects?

We select existing testers based on our previous experience with testers, their professional level, and personal ratings. Once a test project is completed, each tester is rated based on their professional achievements (bug quality, report quality, meeting industry standards, etc), and more importantly- their personal traits (honoring commitments, replying in a timely manner, meeting deadlines, submitting response the same day of the testing, respecting the project manager’s time and the client’s requirements, etc). Once a tester gets a good rating based on past test cycles, it greatly increases their chances of selection for future beta tests.

What devices should I have in order to test?

The minimum required is to have a desktop computer and a mobile device. This is the basic requirement in order to take part in testing digital products. The more connected devices you have, the more testing opportunities you may get.

Some of our testers have several mobile devices, tablets, wearable devices, gaming devices or smart TVs.

The most important thing is to add all devices that you have under your profile within our platform. This is the only way we can learn about the devices you have and add you to ongoing testing projects. So please make sure to login once in a while to your profile and update/add all your new devices to the list of connected devices.

How much money can I earn?

The payment rate depends on the tester’s level and experience, testing location and the project complexity. Once the registration and certification process is completed, the assigned community manager will confirm the payment rate per hour with you.

Unlike with other platforms – with Ubertesters you earn guaranteed money for successful testing done on time and as per the requirements.

Keep in mind that over time, and once you get high ratings on executed testing projects from the clients and our project managers, your hourly rate may increase. Thus, please make sure you execute the testing projects well, with very detailed ‘issue reporting’, in order to ensure you get more projects to test and an increased hourly rate.

How do I get paid?

Ubertesters pay once a month using PayPal, Amazon gift cards, or UpWork. In some cases, we may also use bank transfers.

When will I receive my payout for the testing done?
  • You are entitled to get paid for a test project only if you complete the entire test task as described by the assigned Ubertesters project manager. A test cycle is considered completed once you send the required and requested reports (i.e. document with results, screenshots, videos, logs, feedback, etc.) that are mentioned in the project details email/task.
  • All payments are made no later than the end of the following month of the project delivery and successful execution (e.g. if you completed the test cycle by January 22nd and received the project manager’s confirmation, then payment will be made no later than February 28th).
I’ve registered as a tester and connected my device. What should I do now?

Once you have registered and connected your device, you’ll need to wait until our community managers will contact you with further details. Don’t worry if you haven’t received an email within a couple of days – our community manager is writing an email for you right now. But, do keep in mind that we have a very long que of new testers waiting for their first project, thus, it might take some time to get your first project.Please be patient.

Do I need to pay to become a PrimeTester?

No, you don’t need to pay anything. The registration and certification processes are absolutely free of charge.

It’s been a while and I still did not hear back from you, or received a test project. Why?

There are thousands of registered testers that wish to join our community of testers and we must handle carefully and with respect all these applications. Our community managers are doing their best to reply in a timely manner to all. Unfortunately, due to a current bottleneck, it might take several weeks before you hear back from us and be able to complete the registration process. We truly apologize for this inconvenience and the time it takes. We appreciate your patience and hope that in the near future the process will be faster.

How often can I test?

Your first project might start in a couple of weeks, or a couple of months. Depends on your available connected devices, and the specific requirements from our customers.

Once you are done with your first project, we evaluate your performance. The evaluation process includes two main parts: (1) Professional results: your actual testing results, how detailed it was, how many quality issues found, reporting quality, etc. (2) Your personal traits – honoring commitments, meeting deadlines, submitting your response the same day of the testing, etc. Your evaluation rating will have a direct effect on your future projects and how often you get invited to additional testing projects with us.

Should I update my Tester’s Profile frequently?

Yes, of course. You should update your profile at any time by logging into your tester’s account on the Ubertesters dashboard.
Many of our projects require specific devices or a specific geographic location. Thus, if you have purchased new devices or moved to another city/region, please update your details frequently to ensure that you get invitations to the most appropriate projects for you.

What do I do if I have any questions about the process, a new testing project invites received, my payment, or any other question?

You should contact one of the Ubertesters community managers (CMs). They are always happy to help and support you with any questions that you may have.
Please contact one of our community managers at:, or

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