Primetesters is the home of the large global
community of freelance testers working with
Ubertesters, a leading global provider of
crowdsourced testing services.

Why PrimeTesters

By joining the Primetesters community you will have an opportunity to test amazing global digital products, help them improve their products by reporting bugs, or provide high-value user insights, while earning extra money in your free time.

Our large global community of testers is passionate about testing and finding bugs, issues, or simply provide valuable user feedback to our clients. Our testers are professional, non-biased, curious individuals, that provide “fresh new eyes”, and who don’t take the facts for granted. The outcome – more quality defects found. We enable our community of testers to do what they love, thrive through the process while earning money within their free time.

We have an open dialogue with our community of testers, we ask them to tell us what’s on their mind, the challenges they face, and to point us to the issues we should work on together. From here, our team is identifying common themes and trends amongst these challenges, and work together to present a solution to the market.

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Our core values

We believe in exceptional customer service, customer focus, and treating our customers with respect
We grow through creativity, invention, and innovation.
We integrate honesty, integrity, transparency, and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning
Passion – we are driven, committed, and love what we do
We value our people and care about our employees’ satisfaction and personal growth

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