Case Study

Industry: Information Technology & Services
Company website: www.jibb.ai
Company size: 25-50 employees
Location: Australia
Test object: Jibb app
Testing Type: Exploratory testing, Usability testing, Functionality testing, UX
Platform: Android & iOS

Brief information about
the company

JIBB makes hybrid learning and meeting environments more engaging than ever by turning a physical dry erase board or whiteboard into an online whiteboard using any webcam for real-time collaboration. JIBB’s online technology allows getting a clear, digitized version of the handwritten content from any physical surface such as a whiteboard, lapboard, or piece of paper directly on your screen to change the way companies conduct meetings.


JIBB wants to conduct extensive crowd testing around the world with unique requirements. JIBB’s online solution includes the need to test with relevant hardware such as whiteboards, laptops, or a piece of paper, as well as testing in groups (several people, from different parts of the world to test at the same time using different handwritten content). Also, some testers were required to test behind a corporate firewall or a VPN. It was necessary to provide coverage of tests both with a variety of devices and diversity of operating systems.
The test plan included three main areas of testing.

First – testing in small groups, while using a whiteboard or paper, making sure that the written content is projected onto the devices of the other testers. The second part was intense functional testing, in which testers were using the cameras of their mobile devices and sheets of white paper with text. The third part was to understand how the app’s functionality will perform in a real business environment and how it will interact with corporate VPNs.


The demanding requirements to use several dozen real testers, some to test in groups at the same time while using physical writing tools, and at the same time performing functionality, usability, and UX testing was a perfect fit for the Ubertesters crowdsourced testing service. Crowdsourced testing was the only possible way to meet the set of these strict requirements. With a large and trusted testers’ community that is spread all over the world, Ubertesters was able to build the right team, using their own devices and whiteboards, for this complicated test project that included grouped testing, performing other test requirements, and executing different test cases while meeting the strict deadlines as presented by the customer. On top of it, the Ubertesters project manager was able to create the unique testing matrix required to include all test scenarios, and then orchestrate the testing process to ensure the success of the test project.


Thanks to a team of 50+ testers around the world who downloaded the app, received test cases, and began to perform testing tasks, the goals of the project were fully achieved. The testing team was able to cover multiple mobile platforms and complete all required test cases and different scenarios. Some testers used a corporate firewall or VPN, while others did not. Some testers tested individually and some in different-sized groups. The testers reported dozens of usability and functionality issues, some communication issues, and many UX/UI improvement suggestions, and gave the customer the objective feedback they were looking for.

The customer received important and detailed feedback, from real people from their actual target market and target segment to help the customer significantly improve the application and make the process of transferring information comfortably. The Ubertesters project manager was there at all stages to organize the test cycle for perfect execution. The final report, together with all reported issues by the testers allowed JIBB to improve the product significantly and the outcome was many new users and thousands of positive reviews received.

Why Ubertesters

Providing a cost-effective, customer-oriented, and highly flexible service, Ubertesters appeared to be the winner in a competition with our crowdtesting counterparts.

The large community of globally certified reliable testers, in more than 120 countries and thousands of cities, allowed the client to get testers in the specific location, and with any required device, operating system, or carrier. The testers were willing to meet the challenging test requirements and conduct testing fast and in a trustworthy manner.

Another factor that pushed the customer to choose Ubertesters as a preferred testing provider was the many positive references received from a list of our current customers. With all that being said Ubertesters proved their name as one of the best and trusted global crowdtesting providers to meet any challenge presented by our clients.

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